Hello friends,

This is our first post, the only one (hopefully) that we will be talking about ourselves or more precisely about Vitalitix. If you are reading these lines, we are happy to have you. Keep reading and you will get a feel of what we are here to do.

It may sound like a cliché…Ok it is a cliché, but we are here to humbly assist in making this world a better place.

It’s no secret that the senior’s population is growing….more people are living longer – and we are grateful for that.

Yes we know, it create some issues on a global level with regards to pension, employment, housing, health and so on. We won’t be fixing these big problems, those are left for forces stronger than us.

On a side note, we think it’s great that these important people who have contributed so much to the world we live in have “decided” to stay with us longer on this earth, it is actually a complement! We are probably doing something right – technological advancements, health improvements and so on…..and yes….it is also because we are so nice and sweet.

We are here so everyone will have an easier life.  We all have in our lives in some way an older person, whether it is a parent, a grandparent an uncle or even a loved neighbor.

So what’s new?

We have created a cross-generation platform that enables seniors to age in place in an independent and safe way. Allows their caregivers to be “in the picture” in a non-intrusive way unless actually needed and uses the great force of the crowd to support families. We call it crowd caring.

We are now in our crowd caring beta and will soon be launching our full platform. We take this opportunity to ask you to join our Social angel’s community.

Sign up and we will let you know once we are up and running.




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