Vitalitix Social Responsibility platform connects seniors to their families, caregivers and Social Angels using Crowd Caring™ – The 21ˢᵗ century mode of active volunteering

Vitalitix enhance seniors quality of life by reducing their sense of loneliness, improving their safety and allowing them staying independent both indoor and outdoor

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Crowd-Caring is our thing

Crowd caring™ is about you, me and our friends powering up to support the seniors in our society. It’s about the parts being bigger than the whole. It’s about knowing that wherever your parent/grandparent is, they are always circled with a caring crowd.
Crowd caring™ is the 21st century mode of active volunteering for busy people. You are there when there is a need. No obligation for time and place. But a pure will to help a senior in need.

Would you be an Angel?

Social angels are people like you, that would like to lend a hand. We offer an easy, innovative and convenient digital way to contribute to society in a manner that matches the common social spirit of this era. Volunteering just around the corner.

Vitalitix Solution

The only cloud-based crowd-caring platform that is technology based and is able to connect any connected device technology (watches, pendants, mobile devices etc) with a dedicated mobile application for caregivers, family, friends and angels.

What’s in it for me?

  • Family, Caregiver? get some peace of mind

    My parents have the ability to reach me and pre-defined caregivers (friend’s family, doctor, nurse) at a moment of stress, and it allows me to get assistance from the community when needed. By proactively checking my caregiver mobile application at anytime, I know everything is fine without calling.

  • Senior? Be safe, independent & vital

    Vitalitix allows me to keep my daily routine in a safe and independent way both at home and outside. I can also be a social Angel to others my age and others can be mine. I can be connected via an connected device, smart watch, pendant or mobile phone.

  • Social Angels? feel good, actually great!

    I am busy but I would like to lend a hand whenever I can.  I find it hard to commit to a specific day and time. Being a Vitalitix Social Angel allows me to help on the go.   By downloading a dedicated Angels App to my mobile, I declare that I am willing to assist a senior in need within my proximity whether I am home in the office or at the park.

  • Made with Love for a better place

    We have been investing time and effort to get ready to launch. We need as many angels possible to create a tight network that without doubt will be able to always lend a hand when needed.

Who are social angels?

Social angels are people, that would like to lend a hand every now and then. We offer an easy, innovative and convenient digital way to contribute to society in a manner that matches the common social spirit of this era. Volunteering just around the corner.
It can be in their neighborhood , at the park or the shopping center parking lot. Situations like: checking if a senior is OK when can’t be reached, cap lift the power in the house, take a pet for a walk when senior is sick, assist a senior outdoor to get back home, assist to get on the right bus and many more.

We trust that by creating a seamless process, people in the community will become more engaged around their seniors – thus improving quality of life for all.

Vitalitix supports this motivation by delivering the opportunity to assist at the palm of your hand.  Angels are always asked whether they are free and available at that certain moment to provide help and can refuse a request with no unpleasantness.

Our Technology

Connecting the senior’s connected device with the caregiver’s and social angels smart phones via an application provides services such as:

  • Emergency alert
  • Location tracking
  • Point to point and point to multi-point calls
  • Audible and scheduled easy to use reminders – by family/caregivers voice
  • Silent listening & recording – to tackle seniors’ abuse

Seniors:  Any off-the shelf connected device – watch, pendant, smartphone
Caregivers: Dedicated Smart-phone app – android/iOS (available soon in the stores)
Social angel: Dedicated smart-phone app – android/iOS  (available soon in the stores)

How does it work?

  • When a senior needs assistance, he/she press a button on their connected device whether a watch, pendant or mobile and are connected to their designated family member/caregiver.
  • In case the caregiver can’t assist (distant from senior, engaged), they send a request for a social angel.
  • Our engine searches for “social angels” in the proximity of the senior and sends them an action call.
  •  A list of social angels that approved their availability are then listed on the caregivers app.
  • A chosen angel is contacted and connected in a 3 way call with the senior and care giver for a sync call.
  • The angel receives the details and assists the senior.

Who are we?

We are all caregivers and social angels and will be seniors in the future. We already lend a hand in various social activities.  But we know that we can do more. We also know that some people like you would like to lend a hand in a time of need.

So we got the technology adapted and we got apps that make it easier to assist when needed, wherever you are.

Join us in making this a better place.

Be an Angel



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